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Special Interest: Composites
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Special Interest
Mentor: Mark Southard, APSA
Definition: An image made up of (a "composite" of) several images.
Pixel Composites: Using the Computer Darkroom to Make New Slides from Old
by Nick Muskovac, APSA, PPSA
(as published in the August 2004, PSA Journal and provided here with permission of the author and PSA).
Solar Eclipse Composite Photography
Composite Photographs by Juan Ulloa
New York Institute of Photography
: Exploring Misconceptions regarding Composites
Distinctive Image by Samuel G. Shaw, FPSA, PPSA as published in the September 2009, PSA Journal
Thinking Creatively by Elena McTighe as published in the September 2009, PSA Journal.
Resources: Composite Components Company
Examples of Composite Photography by Mark Southard, APSA:
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Botanic Garden Poster
Four Butterflies
Four Christmas Bears
Flute Composite Web
Stone Quartet
December 10 Invitation
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