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Special Interest: Perspective Photography
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Special Interest
Mentor: Kevin McNeal
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There are many ways to shoot the same subject in photography. What is unique about perspectives is that people will always see something different when attempting to capture the essence of the subject. Many possibilities exist to bring your creativities to photography. This is about learning to see the subject and explore the different options to shoot the same thing. Some of the options that exist are depth-of-field, focal length, separation, compression, and layers. Other elements of perspective include position (from above or below), near-far perspective, and bringing 3-D depth to the image.

How to Get the Most Photographically from the Palouse by Kevin McNeal, May 2010, PSA Journal
Photography techniques: Perspectives
Perspective distortion
Perspective Images – Travel and Nature Photography
Composition : Putting Things In Perspective
Photography Perspective/
Higher Perspective Imagery
Perspective In Photography: Size cues, weather, and overlapping subjects by Kevin McNeal, as published in the October 2008, PSA Journal.
Examples of Perspective Photography by Kevin McNeal:
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Incorporating Human Elements
Compression Snapshot
Texture Squash
Long Exposure
Near Far Perspective Juxaposition
Down Low
Creating 3-D Depth
Railroad Track Converginglines
Intersecting Layers
Repeating Patterns
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